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In the mood for some NBA merchandise to fill your pad and your office? Thinking of getting a fellow NBA fan a perfect gift? Come on in to our NBA store and choose from a variety of cool NBA inspired merchandise or NBA accesories. Get them now while they're still in stock!

Here's a little NBA triviafor you hardcore fans out there:

Q: Which hoopster scored in double figures in 787 straight games, from December 4, 1977 to December 4, 1987?

A: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

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SportingMerchandise.Com's NBA shop is stocked with a collection of over 200 NBA merchandise and other NBA sports collectibles from 25 NBA teams. There's something for everyone over at our NBA shop. We've got all sorts of popular NBA merchandise such as mugs, basketball ballbags, backpacks and even a Mr. Potato Head toy.

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